Download Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 UTS/PTS Semester Ganjil

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Download Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 UTS/PTS Semester Ganjil


1.       Mutiara: Do you like watermelon?
Tiara : …        , I like it
a.       No
b.      Yes
c.       Sure
d.      No, thanks
2.       Fifi : Do you like orange?
Zahwa: No, …
a.       It’s yours
b.      I do
c.       I do not
d.      Three oranges
3.       Tegar: Remember to shut the door
Rafi: yes, …
a.       I can
b.      I do
c.       I will
d.      I do not
4.       I live in the village. Village in Indonesian means …
a.       Kota
b.      Desa
c.       Kecamatan
d.      Dusun
Teks untuk nomor 5 sampai  7
On Sunday, Faris goes to market with his mother. 
He wants to buy book, bag and shoes. The market 
is very crowded
5.       What is the suitable title for the text above?
a.       Going to the zoo
b.      Going to the market
c.       Going to the restaurant
d.      Going to the hospital
6.       … and … go to market
a.       Faris, his father
b.      Faris, his mother
c.       Faris, his brother
d.      Faris, his sister
7.       The situation in the market is …
a.       Quiet
b.      Noisy
c.       Crowded
d.      Cheerful
8.       We go by ship through the …
a.       Road
b.      Sea
c.       River
d.      Mountain
9.       Climate in Indonesia means …
a.       Iklim
b.      Cuaca
c.       Musim
d.      Panas
10.   The weather is cold in the … season
a.       Rainy
b.      Dry
c.       Summer
11.   The weather … cloudy last Sunday
a.       Were
b.      Was
c.       Is
d.      Are
12.   The weather is hot in  … season
a.       Rainy
b.      Spring
c.       Dry
d.      Winter
13.   We must wear raincoat, when the weather is …
a.       Dry seasons
b.      Rainy seasons
c.       Snowy
d.      Foggy
14.   Mifta: Do you like … , Zidan?
Zidan: Yes, I like it a lot
a.       Milk shake
b.      Ice cream
c.       Ice tea
d.      Coffee
15.   Rafli: Can you bring a cup of hot tea, please?
Ega: Yes, …
a.       I want
b.      I can
c.       I would
d.      I am
16.   The biggest planet in the solar system is …
a.       Mars
b.      Earth
c.       Venus
d.      Jupiter
17.   Bromo is famous … from East Java
a.       Lowland
b.      Forest
c.       Lake
d.      Mountain
18.   The satellite of the earth is the ….
a.       Moon
b.      Star
c.       Comet
d.      Sky
19.   The fisherman works in the …
a.       Rice field
b.      Lake
c.       Forest
d.      Sea
20.   Mazoola is the name of a …
a.       Zoo
b.      City
c.       River
d.      Mount

B.      Fill in the blank with the correct answer!
1.       What fruit do you like? I like …
2.       The guava taste …  (manis)
3.       Do you like a strawberry? No, ….
4.       Does Rasa like a mango? Yes, …
5.       Indonesia has ... seasons.
6.       We use ... in rainy season. (Payung)
7.       It is windy, please … the door !
8.       It is hot. Turn … the fan, please !
9.       It will rain. It is …. season
10.   Rina  : … she like playing snow?
Alda    : yes, she does.
C.      Answer the following question!
1.       Nadia : Do you like rambutan?
Rasa   : Yes, ….
2.       Mention five kinds of fruits!
3.       Mention four kinds of weather!
4.       Change into Indonesia!
Today is rainy = ….
5.       Rearrange the words in to a good sentence!
Dina –a  banana-like-doesn’t = ….

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